Menu Button Apk 5.2 Latest Version Free Download Officially

Menu Button Apk is the tool for the creation of Android shortcuts. This app is very simple and so easy to use. Also, you can get this app to your Android device for free. The reason for it is the license of this app is freeware. If you want to create some shortcuts on your smartphone then this is the tool you must use.

menu button apk

What is Menu Button Apk

This app is in the category of Android Tools. This makes your Android smartphone works easier. Basically, Menu Button Apk is one of the best apps available on the market right now for making Android shortcuts. This is some kind of a widget that appears on your smartphone screen. All the shortcuts appear on that widget


  • Ad Disabled – This app is free from ad networks. Therefore there is not any kind of ads displays on the app. So you will not be disturbed.
  • Straightforward User Interface – The entire user interface is hassle-free. You can do whatever you want without any difficulty.
  • Screen Sidebar – This is the widget that brings you all the shortcuts that created. A sidebar will appear on the smartphone screen and it will disappear when an app opens.
  • Manageable Shortcuts – You can create, remove, edit all the shortcuts easily.

Menu Button Apk Download and Install

  1. Use the Menu Button Apk Download link for downloading the app for free.
  2. As the second step, enable the unknown sources option in the settings. The reason is this Apk is not from the Google Play store.
  3. Then open your downloaded apk file to start the installation task.
  4. After that finish the installation using the APK installer of your Android device.
  5. You can use the app just after the installation.

Does Menu Button Apk on Google Play?

Yep, this app is available to download on the Google Play Store. You can download it from there. But there is a problem because Google Play Store does not always have the latest version of the app first. It comes later. Therefore if you want to download the latest version first you can use the download link above.

Do I require Android Root Permissions?

It does not matter whether you rooted your Android smartphone or not. Because Menu Button Apk does not need any of the Android root permissions. Therefore, you do not need to root your device just for this application. If you have already rooted, this app will work fine on your device. So don’t bother about that

Is this App Legal and Safe to use?

Menu Button Apk is also available on the Google Play Store. Google Play Store only add apps to their store after a huge scan on the app. Therefore, this app is 100% safe to use on Android devices guaranteed. Also, it is legal to use in any part of the world.

Is There a Version for iOS?

It is true that iOS users also wonder about getting Menu Button Apk on their device. Because the functions and features of this app are amazing. Really it will work amazing on iOS. But unfortunately, there is no app for iOS yet. But let’s think that developers will find a solution for them quickly and make a version for the iOS devices

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