Side-load Android apps with Aptoide TV

Side-load Android apps with Aptoide TV

Now a days the Android TV has become the most prominent entertainment and education hub. We like to explore thousands of different Android Apps by sitting comfortably in our couch. But what happens if you can’t find your desired app? Don’t worry. Now you have a wonderful third-party App store for your Android TV and Fire TV devices. Aptoide TV.

What is Aptoide TV?

Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV is like a secret door opening to a collection of different types of apps for your Android TV. Unlike the official app stores, Aptoide TV is an alternative marketplace that lets you discover, download, and install apps that might not be available elsewhere. Its boundaries are far from that of traditional app stores. You can find any app you like through this app store very simply and quickly.

Side load Android apps with Aptoide TV

If you are interested here is the guidance to download any app you want in your Android TV through Aptoide TV.

Install Aptoide TV

First things first. If you still don’t have Aptoide TV on your device you need to get it. It indeed is a very simple and a quick process. All you have to do is to search Aptoide TV on your TV browser and visit the official Aptoide TV website.  Then you will find the download link. Tap on it. The app will start downloading.

Enable Unknown Sources

If you cannot download the Aptoide TV then, you need to enable “Unknown Sources” on your Android TV. For this go to your Android TV’s settings, navigate to “Device Preferences,” then “Security & Restrictions,” and finally, toggle on the “Unknown Sources” option.

Install Aptoide TV

Once the downloading has finished, open the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. It is a very quick and a upfront process.

Explore and Download Apps

With Aptoide TV installed, you can now have access to a vast library of apps. Open the app, browse through the categories, and discover apps that suits your interest. When you find an app you want, simply click on it, and Aptoide TV will take care of the download and installation process.

Manage Your Apps

Aptoide TV not only lets you download apps but also helps you manage them. In the app’s settings, you can view and update your installed apps. It is a convenient way to stay on top of the latest versions and ensure your apps are running smoothly. If you want to break the limitations of the traditional official app stores Aptoide TV is the best to have on your Android TV. This brings thousands of different apps of different versions to your living room. Most of the apps you could find are free. Hence, use Aptoide TV as the ultimate App Store in your Android Smart TV now.


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