B612 vs Candy Camera

B612 vs Candy Camera

In this digital era there are plenty of camera apps you could have in your Android. But having the right choice makes the whole difference. Among many B612 and Candy Camera apps are also playing a leading role. Through this article let’s compare these two popular camera and photo editing app for your convenience.

B612 Camera


B612 is now becoming popular all over the globe among most of the photography lovers due to its wonderful and cool features. B612 really helps us in capturing the perfect and a professional photo or a video every time we are snapping. It has the ability to transform our regular flashes in to extraordinary memories for sure.

It is very powerful and a professional photography app. With its immense filters, effects and other beauty tools library it indeed standout among all the other camera apps in the market. retouching your captures with its amazing editing tools is a breeze here. It is loaded with numerous editing options to enhance your creativity to new heights.

Candy Camera

Just like B612, Candy Camera is also becoming more popular among the photography lovers due to its sweet features as the name suggests. If you want to beautify your images with filters and effects this has everything. Snapping your best photo is not a big deal with candy camera. It always guides you to capture the best you in every angle.

Camera B612 vs Candy Camera

If you are trapped between these two camera apps here is the guidance for you. Select your photography companion according to your likes and preferences with this guidance.

1. Filters galore

The filter galore of the B612 is vast when compared with the candy camera. But the filters included in both apps do have wide array. They all range from warm tones to cool vibes. The B612 filters fit in to more atmospheres and moods catering to different preferences. If you need to try vast array of filters then I think B612 is the best.

2. Beauty tools

B612 comes with beauty effects that let you enhance each and every feature of your face. You can do face slimming, skin smoothening, applying make-up and a lot more to make your appearance more vibrant and brighter. When it comes to Candy Camera, I think it is the best if you want to preserve your natural charm. And more importantly it has beauty tools to edit your figure the way you prefer.

3. Collage and Editing Tools

Both apps let you create stunning collages and equipped with numerous editing tools to make your selfies and photos look more brilliant. B612 offers wide array of editing options like adding music to your photo collages and videos, applying beauty effects and lot more. But when it comes to Candy Camera it does offer basic editing tools to tweak your photos and make them just right.

4. Ease of use

Both the apps are designed keeping the simplicity in mind. You can easily navigate through the apps and capture your best clicks. Also, the photo and video editing are also a breeze through the apps.

If you are looking for diverse filters, simplicity, and a touch of magic, B612 is the best choice for you. Naturally enhance your looks with varied beauty tools included in the app. Download B612 now in your Android and take your photography journey to a new dimension.


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