BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera Android apk free download [68 MB]

BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera Android apk free download [68 MB]

The BeautyPlus is an amazing selfie camera and also a video editor. Definitely all images captured by your phone will be turned into the perfect and the shareable item. The users are able to edit multiple photos by using the BeautyPlus camera. There are a lot of specific features offered by the stated BeautyPlus camera. Due to those, all features many users have joined BeautyPlus already. The BeautyPlus is a very simple application. And there are many artistic components contained here. Along with the simple features, actually this is a powerful application. Use the effective filters here, turn your selfie more perfect. 


The newest home page has been introduced with the latest version of the BeautyPlus. Also, the latest version of the BeautyPlus is 7.1.000. And it is about a 66.75 MB sized editing application. 

Download link for the BeautyPlus


Features of the BeautyPlus 

Powerful editor

   The AR filters and other types of filters contained here. Use the other artistic effects and the advanced features here to create your photo beautify. Make more enjoyment with the presence of the cute filters here. 

Removing unwanted things 

  While editing, the editor can remove the marks of the skin, make the skin smoother, make the eyes more brightened, make the teeth whiten, and blur the photos that you want. 

Working with professional people 

   Sometimes you don’t know about this feature. Also, the Beauty Plus app is working with more artists and professional photographers. Along with their important skills the BeautyPlus will develop to the foremost level. 

Perfect skin editor 

  The app is an amusing editor to use along with the editing features for the skin. The complexion of the skin can be increased. The skin smoothing makeover feature will make the skin retouching the skin tone. Plus the remover will help you to remove the marks, pimples and other unwanted things in the skin 

Perfect eyes 

   The dark circles around the eyes can be removed by the Beauty Plus. Make the eyes highlighted by popping them and make the eyes more brightened. The editor can make the eyes change into the color of your hair. 

Create a perfect smile 

   Whitening the teeth make your face more beautiful. Also, that makes your beauty more natural more enhanced by this feature. Always take the selfies with a perfect smile. 

BeautyPlus Auto retouch 

  If you want such a type of retouch, use multiple specific features. After applying these features the editor is able to preview it. Just one click needs to add that into your social media profile. 

Magic brush 

   Also, you can enjoy the magic paintings with your own fingertips. By that you can turn your imagination into the truth. 

Exceptional features 

 This is not only a selfie app. Therefore one can use the front camera as well as the back camera. The timer is especially for taking the hand free shots. Lightening is for more dark places. 

Free selfie app 

  The BeautyPlus selfie app can be used for free. But there are some more features that have to take for free. 

Facts and Requirement of BeautyPlus 

Contain ads 

  This is a free application to use. Therefore the app has some ads. Those are placed by the app developer and nothing will harm your experience. 

Popularity of the BeautyPlus

  Due to the exclusive features contained here over 1 million people have joined along with the BeautyPlus app. 

Legal permission 

  The BeautyPlus is a legally permitted app. So there are no restrictions against the app.

What’s new with the latest version of BeautyPlus 

  • Introduction of the new home page 
  • Discover cool functions and more effects 
  • Use more funny selfie stickers 

   According to the stated facts, the app is an advanced application of the editing. Also, by the usage of the BeautyPlus application everyone can enjoy it. The users couldn’t be able to explore another app, that is similar to this app.


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