Kill Apps – Close All Apps Running APK free download [5 MB]

Kill Apps – Close All Apps Running APK free download [5 MB]

KillApps, The name of the application symbolizes the activity of the app. But it is not similar to the destruction of the application, and it is similar to the stopping of all working applications. Only simple touch needs for closing all the running processes of every app. By closing every running app, the users will obtain much more features. Some of such advantages are as follows. 


  • Saving battery power 
  • Freeing up space in memory 
  • Performance of the app is improved 

  Apart from the mentioned three tasks there are more. Usually any device has the apps running in the background. Those apps may be consuming the power of the device. As a result of that the battery power can be drained. It can lead to the destruction of your whole device too. The latest version of the KillApps along with many improvements. The latest version of it is 1.18.0. And it is only about 5 MB in size.

Features of the KillApps android apk 

Closing of all working apps 

  All running apps can be closed. All applications are running in the background of the device. By stopping those working apps, your device can be protected. 

Stopping all background processes and tasks 

  Not only the apps, but the KillApps will also stop and closed all other tasks that are running in the background. The other services running in the background will disturb the main activities taking place in your device. So the better solution is closing all the background action. 

Powerful task killer 

  The KillApps will kill all the processes and the tasks taking place in your device. Actually the KillApps are the best task killer that you can’t explore anywhere.

Speed booster 

  If there are more apps running in the background, it will cause the slowing of your device. If you stop those background activities the device will slow down. 

RAM cleaner 

 By freeing up the memory of the device, your device can be optimized. So that you have to free up the RAM of your device. 

Battery saver 

  The closing the background running app means saving the battery. Also, the closing of them may lead to extending the battery life of the device. 

KillApps CPU cooler 

  The temperature can be reduced and cooling down the device will take place due to this KillApps. By that the CPU usage can be reduced. 

Removing the lag 

  Just after the closing of the app, the lag can be stopped. 

Boosting games 

  After closing all running apps from the background, Also the speeding up of the games can be done and the speeding up of the performance of the game Boosting can be seen.


  The KillApps is a safe application for usage. And the app doesn’t collect any data from the app. Therefore your privacy details are protected with the KillApps. 

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Facts and Requirement of KillApps

KillApps Permissions

  The KillApps need diverse permissions to operate. Also, you have to allow for all the requested details in order to work with the app properly. 

Requirements for the KillApps

  In order to work with the app every user required a device along with the android version 4.4 or upwards. 

Free to use 

  No need to pay any amount for the usage of the KillApps. Also, that means the application is totally free. 

Contain ads 

 The KillApps is a free app for use. Therefore some ads are contained here. But surely those advertisements won’t disturb for the users 

Legal confirmation about KillApps

  The app is a legally permitted app. Also, there are no restrictions against the app

What’s new with the latest version

  • The bugs have fixed
  • Minor improvements can be seen. 

   The KillApps is the best application for stopping all the background activities of the device. And it is beneficial to use. Also, If you haven’t used it yet, this is the perfect time to check it. If it is better, share your ideas with others. 


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