Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Android apk free download [25 MB]

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Android apk free download [25 MB]

This is the best keyboard for you with the largest amount of emojis and the easiest way to type with the swiping keyboard. You are capable of customizing the keyboard the way you want. Just Swipe to type what you want here on this keyboard. Actually the SwiftKey keyboard is an advanced keyboard. It can recognize the facts related to the writing styles and predictions. The keyboard can be used to write faster because of these unique qualities that this keyboard has. Use this personalized keyboard to make your work quicker. Type your words, send emoji to anyone you would like. 


The developer team of the SwiftKey keyboard has made various changes in the latest version of the SwiftKey keyboard. The latest version of it is 7.5.6. 4. And it is about 13.38 MB sized app. 

Features of the SwiftKey keyboard 

Learning to suit your typing style 

  The SwiftKey is every time trying to adapt to the user’s method. Therefore the SwiftKey is predicting the words and other writing patterns according to the user. 

Built-in emoji keyboard and GIF searcher 

  This SwiftKey keyboard has every emoji that you wanted while using the keyboard features. You could send the most suitable reaction by using these emojis right away. That is for friends and other people. Also, you can search GIF easily with this keyboard.

Free themes and more designs 

  There are more designs are here, that you can personalize the whole keyboard at once. Select an appropriate theme that you wanted to make the keyboard personalized. You can select any theme that matches your taste. 


  The users will get predictions while using the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard, then you can minimize the amounts of mistakes. Get to your point easily by minimizing more errors. 

Best swiping keyboard 

  The user is able to Swipe or to tap on the keyboard to type. Auto-correction is there to make your typing more accurate. There are more shortcuts that can be found with the customizable toolbar and more menus. 

Qualities of the SwiftKey keyboard

  There are more qualities included in this keyboard. It is a learning, predicting, and adaptive keyboard for yourselves. Express yourselves by using the gifs. 

Personalized your SwiftKey Keyboard 

  Make your keyboard more customized by selecting over 100 diverse themes. Use your photo for the background of the keyboard. Change the size of the keyboard and the size. 

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Requirement and facts about the SwiftKey keyboard

Multiple language support 

There are over 400 languages supported by the SwiftKey keyboard. And the users are able to use about five languages at once while using this keyboard. Some languages include italic, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, and French. 


Due to the amazing features here, over 5 million people have joined with SwiftKey. The readers can get joined soon to experience these amusing features. 

Free to use 

There are no charges for the app. The all-service that is offered for free. There are no hidden charges here. Therefore use the app for free totally. 

No ads in SwiftKey Keyboard

This is a free app to use and it’s from Microsoft. Because of that, there are no advertisements that have to be contained here. Definitely any user can experience the keyboard without any obstacle. 


This is rated for the 3+. And there are no harmful contents here. It only provides its service as a normal keyboard. 

Legal permission 

The SwiftKey is a legally permitted app. Therefore no legal restrictions against the app. Explore the unique details of the app without any barriers.

What’s new with the latest version of Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard 

  • The bugs have fixed 
  • More improvements have introduced 

  Type less and save more time along with the SwiftKey advanced keyboard. Surely it will offer you more service. Everyone would choose as their official keyboard for their very first time. Don’t be so late join with the 5 million community today onwards. 


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