Playit Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android and PC

When we have some leisure time we prefer to spend that time watching videos using our smartphones or laptop. So Playit Apk is giving you the opportunity to watch your videos smoother and better. You can install Playit app for your Android and PC as well. Actually, this is a great video player for your smart device because it can play normal video formats like MP4, MPG, AVI, etc., and exotic types like M4V FLV MKV, etc. The best thing is if you don’t have a good audio player, you can use this app for that purpose too. Playit Player can easily play anything just like the name of it.


Playit Player Overview

All of us like to watch videos in Full HD because it is totally enhancing the experience. Fortunately, Playit Apk can run those Full HD videos on your device like butter. It doesn’t matter what kind of video format that you have in 1080p, you can play that video on your device. Not only the 1080p you can watch up to 4K without a problem. You don’t need many system resources to run this app either. If you want the quality, you must download Playit Apk to your Android or PC. There is no other player that can do things like this Playit media player.

playit video player


Playit app has the most amazing features that a video player could have. Here is the list of main features on it.

  • Full HD Video Player – If you interest in playing high definition videos, you must use Playit app as the player. Videos like in 4K also work on this better than the other apps. This app is all about giving the user quality.
  • Different kinds of formats – You may have come across some video formats that cannot open to play. That is really annoying. Most of the time your video player doesn’t support that file format. In cases like that, you must download and install Playit Apk to your device. This app can play all kinds of unpopular, exotic, rare video formats like nothing. Lots of codecs are available in the app.
  • Video to Audio Converter – Sometimes you need to extract the audio from a video clip. So you have to use another Video converter for that job. But if you use Playit video player you do not have to waste time on other converters. This media player already has a video to audio converter built-in. So that you can easily convert a video file to an mp3 file within no time.
  • High-Quality Music Experience – You will not need another audio player if you have this on your smartphone. Playit will give you the best audio experience by giving you a seamless music play. You can play lots of audio files. The best thing is you can create playlists as much as you want. So you can listen to your favorite music in quality.
  • Player Gestures – You do not have to press the keys of buttons to change the volume, playback, and brightness. Playit Apk can easily identify gestures that made for those tasks.  So you can easily change those things while not disturbing your video play.


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