Filelinked Store with awesome Android TV apps

Filelinked Store with awesome Android TV apps


Unlike ROKU and Apple TV, Android TV is the most affordable TV box out there. There are plenty of choices when it comes to Android TV. When you search Amazon, eBay or AliExpress you may able to find good quality TV box that fits your budget. Therefore, amount of use base available for Android TV is much higher than any other competitor.

Android TV too based on Android. So, you can install Android apps and games on Android TV box. But there is a catch. Android apps and games are developed for touch and small screens. They do not work well on TVs. However, many Android developers made TV version too. So, you are able to find lots of TV apps and games on Play Store TV app and Aptoide TV.

Some use external Keyboard and mouse or game controller to use Android apps and games on TV. Because those apps are hard to operate only using TV remote. Using a mouse give you full access to app features and functions. But it is hard to play games if that game does not support game-pad controllers.

Filelinked as an Android TV store

Filelinked was developed to facilitate bulk file downloads on TV boxes. Because it is so hard to type long unfamiliar download URLs on your TV box just using a TV remote. You can’t even share files with TV box easily. Filelinked was developed to address those problems. Anyone can create a free account on Filelinked dashboard. You can create your own store and add files to that store. Each store has unique code called Filelinked code.

You can share your list of images, Music files, videos, or anything with parents, family members or with friends easily. You can update that list quickly whenever you want.

You can share that code with anyone to give access to your files. So many TV box related YouTube channels, Facebook groups, reddit users and many others has created their own list of Android TV apps and games. As a result, Filelinked became the main source for Android TV apps and games. You can install free Movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV channels apps using Filelinked. It is like using AC Market as an alternative for play store.

You can search YouTube, Facebook and other online sources for Filelinked codes. You can’t find any app or game without a proper filelinked code. You can install apps you like even those are not available on play store using filelinked. For example, you can install Clean Master application that is not available on play store to boost device performance easily and quickly.


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